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Are you bored? It’s time to set up the most amusing pranks. Design the most playful tricks to play on your neighbour.

Scary Neighbour is a hide and seek game. You would sneakily into your neighbour’s house and trick him but make sure you don’t get caught. You will play against an big, fat and hot tempered AI that would show no mercy if he catches you red handed. As the game goes on, it will get harder and harder to place traps, still, try your best and see how far you can fool your neighbour without getting caught. Besides the cool gameplay and lovely animation of the game, there are items which help you if the game is too hard to pass at some points. The items grant you special ability such as running fast like the Flash, or staying invisible for a short while or quick-hand which shortens the time taken to place traps. The fun awaits you, download now and keep the boredom at bay.

Looking for an adventurous and addictive gameplay?

Amazing pranks are ready for you to plan and execute. Start playing and you will keep on teasing your neighbour and become a prank master yourself.

Arrange little pranks for your neighbour in the game. Place the right traps to make him go mad over your pranking geniuses!

Whats New

- Fix minor bugs

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